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The Terra di Catoni estate rises two hundred meters above the Tyrrhenian Sea. The vine here draws its aromas from the green shale and the red earth of Cap Corse. We grow typical Corsican grape varieties such as Vermentinu and Sciacarellu, but also continental grapes (Viognier, Sauvignon, Genovèse, etc.) with which we create tasty blends. The olive trees flourish here according to the sea breeze and produce an exceptional oil, with an incomparable fruity taste.

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  • The domain

    The Terra di Catoni Estate is located in Porticciolo, on steep land that plunges into the Thyrrhenian Sea. It has 25 hectares of vines and multi-hundred-year-old olive trees. Typical Corsican grape varieties are grown there to produce IGP - Island of Beauty wines.
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  • Shops / Restaurants

    The Terra di Catoni estate has four shops / restaurants in Cap Corse: in Bastia, Erbalonga, Porticciolo and Macinaggio. You are invited to taste our wines, olive oils and honeys. On the terrace, savor good Italian-Corsican dishes accompanied by our wines.
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  • Guide to Cap Corse

    Through this self-published guide of the Capcorsine region, we approach in 240 pages the history and the culture of this peninsula dear to our hearts, we recommend hiking trails, monuments to visit as well as hotels and restaurants to discover. .
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  • The Corsican Terra di Catoni grocery store

    Immerse yourself in the authentic world of Corsica with the Corsican grocery store Terra di Catoni, a real gastronomic treasure dedicated to island flavors.

    Let yourself be seduced by the richness of this land of character and discover local specialties that will delight the taste buds of the most demanding epicureans.

    The Corsican grocery store Terra di Catoni: a love story for Corsica and its products

    Founded by enthusiasts of the Corsican terroir, the Terra di Catoni grocery store is an essential address for lovers of authentic and quality products.

    It offers a wide range of Corsican specialties, from cold cuts to cheeses, including jams and traditional biscuits. Each product is carefully selected from the best producers on the Island of Beauty, respecting ancestral know-how.
  • Authentic Corsican flavors

    The Terra di Catoni online Corsican grocery store invites you to discover the delights of the island in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

    You will find a selection of local Corsican products, such as the famous olive oil, wines, arbutus honey or the tasty canistrelli. Not to mention the essential Corsican charcuterie, including prisuttu, coppa, and lonzu, which will transport you instantly to the heart of the Corsican mountains.

    Honoring traditional Corsican know-how

    All the products offered by the Corsican grocer Terra di Catoni come from local craftsmanship that respects traditions. Partner producers are carefully chosen for their passion and commitment to quality and authenticity. Thus, each tasting is a true immersion in Corsican culture, through rich flavors and exceptional products.
  • A committed Corsican grocery store

    The Corsican grocery store Terra di Catoni is committed to supporting local producers and promoting the gastronomic richness of the Island of Beauty. By favoring short circuits and products from organic farming, Terra di Catoni contributes to the sustainable development of the region and the preservation of its unique culinary heritage.

    An unforgettable taste experience in just a few clicks

    Let yourself be tempted by this unique taste experience and meet the passionate craftsmen who perpetuate the culinary traditions of the Island of Beauty. By choosing Terra di Catoni, you are also supporting an ethical and responsible approach, committed to sustainable development and the promotion of Corsican heritage. So don't wait any longer and let yourself be carried away by the authentic and generous flavors of the Corsican grocer's Terra di Catoni, for an unforgettable taste trip to the heart of Corsica.

Travel to Corsica with our exceptional products, from natural wine to canistrelli through fruity olive oils and artisanal charcuterie.