The Terra di Catoni estate

In 1996, Christian Mons-Catoni took over the exploitation of the four-hundred-year-old “Capanaccia” olive trees planted on the family estate. From the 2000s, he restructured 25 hectares of steep land, tearing up the maquis to plant young vines. Six years later, the first harvests take place and we taste the long-awaited wine. Since then, the Terra di Catoni estate has expanded and the vintages have diversified...
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  • Visit of the winery

    This is where all the magic happens. We show you the secret part of the estate, where the vats are stored and where the bottling takes place. After a short tour through the cellar, you will know everything about the production of our wines.

  • Ascent in 4x4 in the vineyards

    Immediate boarding with Christian Mons-Catoni in a 4x4 for a dizzying visit to the lands of his ancestors. You will go around the vineyards and the olive grove, from a steep track and discover the incredible landscape visible from the ridges.

  • Wine tasting

    The visit ends with a tasting of the wines from our production, at the estate shop where you will also find many other products from Cap Corse: olive oil, Corsican charcuterie, sheep's cheese, jams and tapenades...


    Our wines are organic, natural and sometimes unfiltered, in order to produce the most natural wines possible. Our vines are cultivated without any chemical product, the harvest and the work of the vine are manual. We blend Corsican and continental grape varieties: Vermentinu, Sauvignon, Génovèse, Viognier, Sciaccarellu... Our wines are produced on the property, in Porticciolo. Come and taste them!

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    Olive oils

    Our olive oils are organic, extracted mainly from capanaccia and germania olives. We produce a fluid, fiery "fruity green" oil, with a hint of bitterness and intense vegetal aromas; a very soft "ripe fruity" oil with great aromatic richness: notes of hazelnut, lime blossom, toasted pine; and a "black fruity" oil with a taste close to the black mouth olive, with pronounced aromas of mushroom, cocoa, and old leather... Come and taste them in our shops!

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