Les 10 plus beaux lieux de la Corse à découvrir absolument
Corsica, this island of beauty located in the Mediterranean, is a popular destination for travelers looking for breathtaking landscapes and authenticity. With its heavenly beaches, majestic mountains and picturesque villages, Corsica offers a unique experience. Here are the 10 most beautiful places in Corsica not to be missed during your stay on the island.

The Calanques of Piana

The Calanques de Piana are one of the jewels of Corsica, offering breathtaking panoramas. The red granite cliffs that plunge into the turquoise sea form a spectacular landscape, where wild nature and geological wonders mingle.


Bonifacio, the citadel perched on limestone cliffs, is a must during a stay in Corsica. Stroll through the cobbled streets of the old town and admire the breathtaking view of the sea from the ramparts. The surrounding beaches, such as the famous Palombaggia beach, are also not to be missed.

Scandola Nature Reserve

The Scandola Nature Reserve, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a real ecological treasure. Accessible only by boat, it is home to exceptional flora and fauna, as well as spectacular rock formations. The reserve is a paradise for nature and Corsica lovers.

Cape Corsica

Cap Corse, the northern tip of the island, is a wild and preserved region. Its contrasting landscapes, between sea and mountains, offer breathtaking panoramas. Don't miss the hilltop villages of Nonza and Centuri, which bear witness to Corsican authenticity.


Corte, historic capital of Corsica, is a charming town in the heart of the island. Its historical heritage, with the citadel and the Corsican museum, is a fascinating testimony to Corsican history. Hikes in the surrounding area, such as the Restonica Valley, are also unmissable.

The needles of Bavella

The Bavella needles, emblematic peaks of Corsica, offer an exceptional panorama of the Alta Rocca massif. Hikers can venture on the famous GR20 trail, which crosses this wild and preserved region.


Ajaccio, capital of Corsica, is a city rich in history and culture. Don't miss the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte, the Fesch museum and the many beaches along the coast.

The Lavezzi Islands

The Lavezzi Islands, located off the coast of Bonifacio, are a preserved and wild archipelago, where nature reigns supreme. Accessible by boat, they offer heavenly beaches and crystal clear waters, ideal for scuba diving and discovering the Corsican marine fauna.


Porto-Vecchio, located in the south of Corsica, is a popular destination for its dream beaches, such as Santa Giulia beach and Rondinara beach. The historic center, with its cobbled streets and ramparts, is also a charming place where it is good to stroll.

The Aïtone forest

The Aïtone forest, located in the Porto region, is a haven of peace for nature lovers and hikers. This green forest, populated with laricio pines and chestnut trees, is home to waterfalls and natural swimming pools where you can swim in complete tranquility.

Corsica is full of natural and historical treasures which will delight travelers looking for authenticity and a change of scenery. Whether you are a fan of relaxing on heavenly beaches, hiking in breathtaking landscapes or discovering Corsican cultural heritage, the island of beauty will seduce you.

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