Charcuterie corse, Les incontournables de l'épicerie corse
Among the emblematic specialties of Corsican charcuterie, we find:

The prisuttu: this Corsican raw ham, salted and dried in the open air, is refined for several months. Its melting flesh and delicate aroma make it a must in island gastronomy.

The coppa: this dried and refined pork loin is recognizable by its beautiful red color and its slightly spicy flavor. The Corsican coppa is ideal to decorate your aperitifs and your salads.

Lonzu: this dried pork tenderloin is appreciated for its tender texture and subtle taste. Corsican lonzu is eaten in thin slices and goes perfectly with a glass of Corsican wine.

Figatellu: this typical Corsican charcuterie sausage is made of pork liver and spices. It can be eaten raw, grilled or pan-fried, and goes wonderfully with vegetable dishes and omelettes.

Corsican sausages and sausages: made from minced pork and seasoned with aromatic herbs, these Corsican charcuterie are appreciated for their full-bodied flavor and firm texture.

Corsican charcuterie, an ancestral art that continues

Behind each Corsican charcuterie hides a know-how transmitted from generation to generation. Island artisans respect traditional manufacturing methods and strive to preserve the quality and authenticity of their products. By choosingCorsican charcuterie , you participate in the promotion of this culinary heritage and contribute to the maintenance of island traditions.

Taste the Corsican charcuterie and share a convivial moment

Corsican charcuterie is ideal to enhance your aperitifs, your meals with family or friends. It can be eaten as a starter as well as a main course, accompanied by good country bread and a glass of Corsican wine. The intense and generous flavors of Corsican charcuterie invite conviviality and sharing, for a moment of guaranteed taste pleasure.

Corsican charcuterie is a real gastronomic treasure that bears witness to the know-how and passion of island craftsmen. By choosing these local delicacies, you offer your taste buds an unforgettable taste experience and support the traditions and culinary heritage of the Island of Beauty. Don't wait any longer to discover and savor the essentials of Corsican charcuterie, symbols of an art of living and an exceptional culinary culture.
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