Les vins corses, trésors de l'île de Beauté
Corsican wines are an invitation to discover the Island of Beauty and its unique wine heritage. Thanks to an exceptional terroir and ancestral know-how, Corsican winegrowers produce wines with authentic and generous flavors. Enjoy a glass of Corsican wine and let yourself be carried away by the intense aromas and subtle nuances of these island treasures.

The Corsican terroir, a natural wealth at the service of wines

Corsica benefits from an exceptional terroir, conducive to the cultivation of vines. The granite, schistose and limestone soils of the island, as well as its Mediterranean climate, give Corsican wines a unique personality and typicality. The Corsican vineyards extend over nearly 7,000 hectares and are divided into nine controlled designations of origin (AOC) and two protected geographical indications (IGP), testifying to the diversity and richness of the island's wine heritage.

Corsican grape varieties, an unrivaled palette of flavors

Corsican wines are made from native grape varieties, which bring unique taste characteristics to each cuvée. Among the emblematic grape varieties of Corsica, we find:

Nielluccio: this red grape variety is at the origin of the red and rosé wines of the AOC Patrimonio. It gives wines a beautiful ruby ​​color, fruity aromas and a strong tannic structure.

Sciaccarellu: this red grape variety, typical of the AOC Ajaccio, offers wines with spicy, peppery and floral notes, with remarkable lightness and finesse.

Vermentino (or Corsican Malvasia): this white grape variety is used to make Corsican white wines. It brings aromas of citrus fruits, white flowers and a lovely freshness on the palate.

Corsican wines, taste treasures to taste and share

The diversity of Corsican wines offers a range of flavors to discover and taste on all occasions. Whether red, white or rosé, Corsican wines are characterized by their generosity, authenticity and friendliness.

Corsican red wines, such as AOC Patrimonio or Ajaccio, are ideal to accompany grilled meats, stews and Corsican cheeses. Their powerful aromas and tannic structure make them wines of character, to be savored slowly and with delight.

Corsican white wines, such as AOC Patrimonio or Calvi, seduce with their freshness and aromatic finesse. They are perfect for enhancing fish, seafood and vegetable dishes. Their notes of citrus fruits and white flowers bring a touch of elegance and lightness to your meals.

Corsican rosé wines, notably from the AOC Sartène or Figari, are the companions of choice for your aperitifs, your picnics and your summer meals. Their freshness and their fruity and gourmet aromas make them friendly and refreshing wines, to be tasted and shared without moderation.

The know-how of Corsican winegrowers, a precious heritage

Corsican winegrowers perpetuate ancestral winemaking know-how, passed down from generation to generation. They cultivate their vines with passion and respect, preserving biodiversity and promoting native grape varieties. Their wines thus reflect the authenticity and generosity of the Corsican terroir and testify to the excellence of their work.

By choosing a Corsican wine, you support the island's wine heritage and participate in promoting the culture and traditions of the Island of Beauty.

Corsican wines, symbols of an art of living and island conviviality

Corsican wines invite conviviality and sharing. They are the reflection of an island way of life, where nature and gustatory pleasures occupy a central place. By tasting a glass of Corsican wine, you participate in this communion with the land, the vines and the flavors of the Island of Beauty.

Treat yourself to a taste trip to the heart of Corsica by savoring the treasures of its wine heritage. Corsican wines are a unique experience that will delight your taste buds and introduce you to the riches and subtleties of the Island of Beauty. Don't wait any longer to taste and share Corsican wines, true ambassadors of an exceptional terroir and precious know-how.
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