Une épicerie corse en ligne originale Terra di Catoni

The Terra Di Catoni estate, located in Corsica, is 400 years old. Formerly known as an ancestral terroir, it was taken over by Christian Mons-Catoni in 1996. At the beginning, the plantation was mainly composed of capanaccia olive trees. But since the 2000s, the activities of Terra Di Catoni have clearly diversified. But what are all the products available at the boutique, an original online Corsican grocery store.

Olive oil

Our island olive oils are essential. They were extracted from capanaccia and germania olives, from organic farming. To be able to satisfy your taste buds as much as possible, we produce "ripe fruit" olive oils, old-fashioned and flavored with lemon, as well as other oils known as "special vintage", "A Merula" and “Oliu di Corsica”.


We are careful to make the most organic Corsican products possible. This is why no chemicals are added to the vines. The harvest and the work, for their part, are done manually. In the category of dry or sparkling white wines , Mare Nostrum, Milet and Andante are at your disposal. As for Corsican rosé wines, the Prestu will do very well.

Savory products and condiments

One of our culinary specialties? Salty and sour compotes flavored with olives, eggplant, peppers, onions, fresh tomatoes, and even hazelnuts. The salt sold, meanwhile, is gently mixed with herbs from the maquis, mushrooms or even peppers. You will also find other fresh products such as vinegar and Bastiaise anchovies.

honey and jam

To spread your bread, choose our delicious Corsican jams and honeys . You have the choice between various quality products, organic or non-organic, of various scents, based on typically Corsican ingredients.


For your aperitifs, breakfasts or snacks, we give you tasty, sweet and crunchy canistrelli, natural flavors, grapes, chocolate or anise. And if you are a gourmet or a lover of small sweets, honey candies or nougats will serve as perfect diminutives. As an extension, we offer cream of myrtle, fig syrup, chestnut flour, spread, and even candied citron.

cold cuts

We sell good Corsican specialty charcuterie , namely lonzu, dry sausage and coppa.

Alcohol and liquor

Trust us to provide you with aromatic alcohol, good quality and Corsican specialties. On the menu, a wide choice of alcoholic and aromatic drinks such as liqueur, eau-de-vie, whisky, limoncellu, mandarinella, meloncellu, muscat, rappu, impassitu and gin.

Tea and infusion

Thanks to their multitude of virtues, we place at your disposal a wide range of infusions and teas, with several aromas and perfumes. But that's not all ! You can also get detox rooibos, myrtle berries, organic nepita, as well as organic maquis and pastis spice mixes.


On the cosmetic level, we put a wide range of good typical products at your disposal. So what are you waiting for? Use our balms for hydrated and softened lips. Boost your immune system with our essential oils. Get rid of dirt with our soaps and hydrosols. 


We also sell various objects, namely Oliver's handle knives, the Cap Corse guide and tote bags.

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